Amanda Reichelt-Brushett

I have over twenty years experience conducting scientific research and teaching in the tertiary education sector in Australia.  My research is focused on pollution and its impacts, particularly in the marine environment. As a practicing artist my work has historically had strong reference to the marine environment.  I continue to be fascinated by the space that cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, is deeper that the highest mountain, and is a global climate control system.  The marine environment is a place we know so little about yet are intimately linked with.

In recent years my personal interest in both the arts and sciences has enabled me to look more closely at the space in between those discipline boundaries.  I am choosing to draw more significantly upon science as a subject area for my art. Through my scientific training and artistic expression I explore thinking and knowledge transfer and draw upon these to produce outcomes of inter-disciplinary interest.  I have contorted scientific methodologies and manipulated scientific tools to create art works that make statements about science themes.  This web site is an expression of my exploration of art, science, and artscience.

Dr Amanda Reichelt-Brushett
Dr Amanda (Mandy)