Curriculum Vitae


PhD in Environmental Sciences and Chemistry

Completed 2 units Masters of Fine Art Griffith University (2012)

Science Highlights

43 journal publications

3 book chapters

Grant success includes ARC linkage, ARC LEIF and other national and international income.

Supervisor of 6 PhD graduates and 4 current students

Supervisor of 14 Hons graduates (10 with 1st class Hons) and 1 current student


SCU Inaugural Teaching and Learning Fellowship 2010 ($40 000) Enhancing the place of science education in our community and SCU through a cross fertilization of science methods and practice and visual arts methods and practice.


Vice Chancellor’s Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning (2015) For developing multidisciplinary understanding of chemistry in society: Expanding skills in creativity, innovation, and inquiry to inspire environmental science students to solve problems.

Prix Universite Blaise Pascal des etudiants (2014) The Videoformes digital art festival prize, Clermont-Ferrand, France for the collaborative project: "after | image" by G. Cooke (SASS), A. Reichelt-Brushett (SESE) and Michael Hill (SASS).

Runner up People Choice Vegetative Visions II -NEXT art space, Southern Cross University 2005

Marine Art encouragement award -31st Southern Cross Art Show –Ballina 2004

Art Journal Articles

Reichelt-Brushett, A. J.  Cooke, G. (2016) Experimenting with material memory in the destruction of an archive: the after | image project. Leonardo –art, science and technology 5(2)

Cooke, G Reichelt-Brushett, A. (2015) Archival memory and dissolution: the after | image project. Convergence – The international journal of new media technologies. Vol. 21 (1) 8-26.

Reichelt-Brushett, A. J. and Smith, J. (2012) Connecting Silos -inviting art and science interactions. Leonardo – Art, Science and Technology. Vol. 45 (5) 484-485.


Exhibited at Caldera Art Awards Murwillumbah NSW, 2016

Science collaborator for “after | image the project outcome included a 10-minute single-channel video entitled ”after-image’ by Dr. Grayson Cooke and sound design by Matt Hill. This project has been exhibited or screened at:

  • Flixation, SE23 Festival, London, UK, July 2014.
  • AIVA Video Art Festival, Finspang, Sweden, May 2014.
  • Société civile des auteurs multimedia, Paris, France, April 2014.
  • Wellington Underground Film Festival, Wellington, New Zealand, May 2014
  • Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland, April 2014
  • VIDEOFORMES video and digital art festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France, March 2014. Awarded the prize for Prix Université Blaise Pascal des éteudiants
  • SeenSound Visual/Music Series, Loop Bar, Melbourne, February 2014
  • ZOOM film festival, Jelenia Gora, Poland, February 2014
  • FILE International Festival of Electronic Language,  Sao Paulo, Brazil, July-August 2013.
  • Melbourne Underground Film Festival; Melbourne, Australia, September 2013.
  • NEMAF Seoul International New Media Festival, Seoul, Korea, October 2013.

Art in Chemistry Chemistry in Art (2011): 2 works in an exhibition at SCU Next Gallery. Mixed media on canvas –The periodic table of the elements –everything in the world. A collaboration with 49 scientists co-ordinated by Amanda Reichelt-Brushett and Installation: Transformations: laboratory equipment, metals, and compounds.

Narrating the Herb Garden (30 August -18 September 2010): 2 works in an exhibition at SCU Next Gallery. Painting title: Baseline and minor peaks and Installation titled: Hues, tones and compounds.

Underwater secrets –encounters with biodiversity (20 July – 7 August 2010): 2 works in an exhibition at SCU Next Gallery. Painting title: Box fish skeleton and Installation titled: Shark research nests and eggs.

Marine Moments 2009–(acrylic on canvas and installations) joint exhibition with Prof Peter Harrison (photography) at Invercauld House, Lismore NSW

Exhibited at Caldera Art Awards Murwillumbah NSW, 2010

SEAART at Basilico Restaurant Gallery -Lismore Commencing November 27th 2005 –January 17th 2006. (acrylic on canva)

Singe Piece “More than Meets the Eye” in the 2005 Wearable art performance Section 3- City of Secrets and Longings -The Blue-bottle is not a single organisms, it is a city of co-operation. Individuals live together conducting specialized tasks including feeding, digestion, reproduction, and floatation. (multimedia)

Balancing Passions – this is a place where science and art meet in a kind of symbiosis.  An exhibition of works by Amanda Reichelt-Brushett and Loraine Watson. (acrylic on canvas and multimedia) Roxy Gallery – Kyogle, October to November 2004.

Orient Restaurant – Byron Bay.  Art in Nature (pastels on paper) 1996

Other published material

Cover image Marine and Freshwater Research, Vol, 65 551-561.

Colour image of painting ‘Barracuda Blues’  inside back cover of Journal Oceanography (2012), Vol Vol. 25 (4) 40-51.

Colour plate (Newman and Reichelt-Brushett) Page 27: Newman, L. and Cannon, L. (2003) Marine Flatworms: The World of Polyclads. CSIRO Publishing.

Drawings of four anemonefish species in Richardson, D. (1998) Description of the colour patterns of juvenile anemonefishes (Pomacentridae: Amphiprion) from New South Wales and the Lord Howe-Norfolk Island region.  Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales. 120.  pp 81-86 and Front Cover.

Formal Presentations

Plenary Address: International Seminar and Workshop on Chemistry and Educational Chemistry (7-8 May 2013) Ambon Indonesia.  Management of heavy metal pollution in the sea –teaching pollution chemistry in a multidisciplinary framework.  A. Reichelt-Brushett

Innovative Solutions to Environmental Challenges –Lismore 8-9th June 2011 Invited Plenary Address: Creativity –reconnecting art and science to enhance discovery and enquiry. Amanda Reichelt-Brushett

Professional Activities

World Environment Day Environmental Art activity:


Science consultant on art projects by A/Prof Grayson Cooke

“Deforest” – single-channel video. Presented at:

  • Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, USA, October 2015.
  • KLEX Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2015.
  • “Inner Nature,” Institute Valencia d’art Modern, Valencia, Spain, November 2015.

“Frack” – single-channel video. Presented at:

  • Syros International Film Festival, Syros, Greece, 3-12 July 2015.
  • Sunshine Coast Art Award, New Media Prize, Arts and Ecology Centre, Tanawah, October 2015.
  • Screengrab Media Arts Award, Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville, December 2015-February 2016.

“AgX” – dual-channel video installation. Presented at:

“Test Exposure,” 16th WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland, May-September 2015.

Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW, May 2015.

Currents International New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2015.

“New Media New Mexico,” Warehouse 1-10 (in conjunction with Currents New Media), June 19-21 2015.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair – Video Contemporary. Carriageworks, Sydney NSW, September 2015 (curated by the Australia Centre for the Moving Image).

  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan, July 17-18 2015.
  • “Bureau of Memories: Archives and Ephemera,” Hierarchy Gallery, Washington DC, USA, December 2014.
  • Taiwan International Video Art exhibition, “The Return of Ghosts”, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2014 - January 2015.
  • “STATE of Time” Experience Science Festival, Berlin, Germany, October/November 2014, curated by Imagine Science Films New York.

Scinema –festival of Science film Guest Speaker /Panel. Science Week 20th August 2011. Byron Bay

SYNERGY 1+1>2 AN ART/SCIENCE 4-5th September 2010 Along with Mr. John Smith  ran a 2 day workshop to mine SCIENCE/ART interactions and explore the rich terrain of collaborations through trans- disciplinary strategies.  Participants engaged with visual art studio and science laboratory facilities to generate creative outcomes of personal relevance and proactive engagement.

Inaugural Artist in Residence -REEF HQ Townsville, November 2004.

Exhibition at the 11th NSW Coastal Management Conference 2001. Newcastle City Hall. (multimedia)

Auckland Museum –New Zealand, November 2004.

Installation of large multimedia Physalia (blue bottles) for part of the summer “Ouch!” exhibition opened on the 10th of December 2004.

Commissions to date: Burrowing Clam 2004; Fungia 2006; Glauca and Porpita 2006

Cover artist SeaChange Magazine; Autumn 2005; Winter 2005; Spring 2005. Several art related articles in SeaChange Magazine

Cover artist Environmental Science and Management 2007 course outline book



The Northern Rivers Echo Sky’s the limit for little artists 26th May 2011

Arts Northern Rivers –Southern Cross University hosts ‘synergy’ –an Arts and Science workshop